Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like The Weepies a lot.

I think it's because they often pair lyrics of songs with contradictory beats and melodies. i.e. - my current song obsession, "When You Go Away:"

There's something that makes it more poignant because it's not a ballad or something equally slow and sad-- like the lyrics would seem to call for.

Kind of like this scene in Sense and Sensibility- which is totally heartbreaking, because Marianne gets crushing news while dance music is being played. [The 2nd half of this scene is oh so much better, but I can't find it online].

I can't explain why the contradiction works, but-- for me-- it does. Maybe it feels more honest? Really- I have no idea.

Any other examples? Or general thoughts?

I'm curious about why the upbeat music/down beat content resonates.

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