Friday, May 21, 2010

Online Ventures and Decaying Theaters

I've been doing some brainstorming about what I want a professional website to look like.

I know that, functionally, it needs to serve several purposes. It needs to showcase my work, provide contact information, and house my blog. What I would like it to do, which I think is more unique, is also serve as an online production scrapbook/development platform for my personal projects. -- A place where I can put up inspiration boards, pieces of my scripts, storyboards and other things to share the creation of my films with those who would be interested. [And, ultimately, the final product as well].

Aesthetically, I think that the website has to balance a fine line. I want to communicate both a fidelity to classic film [both in the experience of the theater, the development of the camera and film as a medium, and all of the movies from which I draw inspiration], while also establishing a commitment to the media in which I currently and will continue to work [digital imaging, online streaming, and all of the technologies and developments to come].

So I've been searching for inspiration and here is one thing that really started the creative sparks flying.

Yves Merchand & Romain Meffre's photography series of abandoned theaters. First found via the NYTimes Lens blog.

You should click through -- but here are three images that I found particularly stirring:
RKO Keith's Richmond Hill Theater, New York

Uptown Theater, Chicago

Fabian Theater, Paterson

I love the idea of the decaying grandeur -- how it is heartbreaking, but still majestic. 

These images capture a tone I think is fascinating and beautiful. 

Do you think there is a way to capture the majesty of these places, and celebrate them -- while transitioning to an online space? I would love to have my website take the beauty of the images above and translate them into a beautiful online environment.

[All photos from Yves Merchand & Romain Meffre.]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday "From Me To You"

Today, I'm going to talk about one of the blogs that, actually, inspired me to start blogging a few months ago.

In honor of her blog's birthday-- Jamie is giving away some postcards of her photography. And I am writing about "From Me To You" not only because I want some lovely pictures-- but also because, well... I really do admire and adore this blog.

And let me tell you why:

First: I really admire how Jamie is able to communicate her lifestyle through her photos. Not just pictures of what she does-- but the way she frames and styles and lights communicate so much about how she chooses to live.


And I want that life. I do.


Second: Jamie makes photography accessible. Not in "I can totally do that" way -- but in "this is an every day part of being and I'd like to be more of a part of it" way.


Third: Jamie gave me this hairstyle.

Fourth: "From Me To You" (and also "The City Sage")  made me feel like there was a community of really talented, creative women blogging -- and I wanted to become a part of it. The enthusiasm for beauty and art is infectious in these blogs... really.


Fifth: I really just think that the pictures are beautiful. They brighten my little cubicle worn day.

So... Jamie, Elena over here at Drawing the Eye wishes "From Me To You" a very very happy first blog birthday. 

We hope to follow in your footsteps! 

[All photos from Jamie, From Me To You]

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Package from India

Literally. We got an envelope shipped from India in my office this morning and it was the coolest thing ever.

So, obviously, I took some pictures:

They just don't make mail like this anymore.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome, Internet, to 1940

We had Tillman the Skateboarding Dog come visit us over at the NYPL.

After cutting the footage together, it just wasn't as entertaining as it could have been...

And the shot of Tillman and co walking up the stairs of the Library just reminded me so much of an old newsreel shot...

So that-- is what I did.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mes Amis

So I have great friends... who like to meet me for impromptu 3 hour long dinners at lovely little restaurants in brooklyn. Who watch me steal food off their plates with little to no hesitation (at least, not anymore)... Who like to sing bad songs with me at the table... who encourage me to hit on the cute irish waiter (I didn't)...who can explain things like why beyonce is a legit artist and who say "elena's got that look on her face..." and know what that look means.

I've got friends... who don't like to be photographed...

But, I snagged a few photos of our pretty evening together:

Ok, fine. Mostly I took pictures of the food.

So sue me.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

BBG #2 -- Better Late than Never

So I missed the cherry trees. Which is super upsetting.

I had been looking forward to going to see the cherry trees in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, but I missed them-- due to busy weekends for the entire month of April. I went by today for  Sakura Matsuri, the Cherry Blossom/Spring Festival... Alas, all of the pretty pink trees had greened. 

But below are some photos I managed to get in between managing to get sunburned beyond recognition.  (Irony, if you like it: This morning, I decided to wear a bright red dress... )

As usual-- you can see more... here