Friday, May 21, 2010

Online Ventures and Decaying Theaters

I've been doing some brainstorming about what I want a professional website to look like.

I know that, functionally, it needs to serve several purposes. It needs to showcase my work, provide contact information, and house my blog. What I would like it to do, which I think is more unique, is also serve as an online production scrapbook/development platform for my personal projects. -- A place where I can put up inspiration boards, pieces of my scripts, storyboards and other things to share the creation of my films with those who would be interested. [And, ultimately, the final product as well].

Aesthetically, I think that the website has to balance a fine line. I want to communicate both a fidelity to classic film [both in the experience of the theater, the development of the camera and film as a medium, and all of the movies from which I draw inspiration], while also establishing a commitment to the media in which I currently and will continue to work [digital imaging, online streaming, and all of the technologies and developments to come].

So I've been searching for inspiration and here is one thing that really started the creative sparks flying.

Yves Merchand & Romain Meffre's photography series of abandoned theaters. First found via the NYTimes Lens blog.

You should click through -- but here are three images that I found particularly stirring:
RKO Keith's Richmond Hill Theater, New York

Uptown Theater, Chicago

Fabian Theater, Paterson

I love the idea of the decaying grandeur -- how it is heartbreaking, but still majestic. 

These images capture a tone I think is fascinating and beautiful. 

Do you think there is a way to capture the majesty of these places, and celebrate them -- while transitioning to an online space? I would love to have my website take the beauty of the images above and translate them into a beautiful online environment.

[All photos from Yves Merchand & Romain Meffre.]

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