Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday "From Me To You"

Today, I'm going to talk about one of the blogs that, actually, inspired me to start blogging a few months ago.

In honor of her blog's birthday-- Jamie is giving away some postcards of her photography. And I am writing about "From Me To You" not only because I want some lovely pictures-- but also because, well... I really do admire and adore this blog.

And let me tell you why:

First: I really admire how Jamie is able to communicate her lifestyle through her photos. Not just pictures of what she does-- but the way she frames and styles and lights communicate so much about how she chooses to live.


And I want that life. I do.


Second: Jamie makes photography accessible. Not in "I can totally do that" way -- but in "this is an every day part of being and I'd like to be more of a part of it" way.


Third: Jamie gave me this hairstyle.

Fourth: "From Me To You" (and also "The City Sage")  made me feel like there was a community of really talented, creative women blogging -- and I wanted to become a part of it. The enthusiasm for beauty and art is infectious in these blogs... really.


Fifth: I really just think that the pictures are beautiful. They brighten my little cubicle worn day.

So... Jamie, Elena over here at Drawing the Eye wishes "From Me To You" a very very happy first blog birthday. 

We hope to follow in your footsteps! 

[All photos from Jamie, From Me To You]

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  1. Elena, thank you for this gracious, wonderful and inspiring post! Your support of my photography and sharing my blog with your readers means so much to me. I love seeing the images that you connect with and how you perceive my body of work. This was a thrill to be on your blog and again- Thank you.