Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mes Amis

So I have great friends... who like to meet me for impromptu 3 hour long dinners at lovely little restaurants in brooklyn. Who watch me steal food off their plates with little to no hesitation (at least, not anymore)... Who like to sing bad songs with me at the table... who encourage me to hit on the cute irish waiter (I didn't)...who can explain things like why beyonce is a legit artist and who say "elena's got that look on her face..." and know what that look means.

I've got friends... who don't like to be photographed...

But, I snagged a few photos of our pretty evening together:

Ok, fine. Mostly I took pictures of the food.

So sue me.


  1. great songs only were sung at the table

  2. Really nice photos! Is this at Le Gamin? (I love that place)

  3. Lovely images! It's as if I am there!!