Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can't we just embrace--

I hate hate hate it when people comment negatively about how affordable digital cameras make everyone claim that they are a "photographer." I say-- yes. Finally-- we're all photographers.

Yes. There are those out there who can't claim to be professionals, who over-aggrandize their own work. But-- truth is-- that, for the first time in history, anyone who wants to can speak in images.

We can all attempt to communicate how we think and feel and what we believe is beautiful in the visual instead of written or spoken word. And we don't have to spend a million dollars to do it.

I say-- it's about damn time.

And, in the spirit of this sentiment-- I'm posting a few photographs from the weekend that I took with a Canon 7D that I rented for $100. Hot damn, I love that it allows me to appear more professional than I actually am.

[I also take much affront to the "not everyone is a photographer" statement because, as someone who went through 12 years of enrichment and AP classes in a public school system and then 4 years of a bloated "liberal arts" education -- I was never, once, taught how to correctly operate a camera. So- as someone who has to do her own teaching, before 9 and after 5... you gotta give some credit to the fact that these cameras make it a little easier for all of us who were denied that art education to practice and learn and improve. I like to think-- I'm not a photographer or a cinematographer... yet. But the 7D and the 5DMarkII and, oh... that XH-A1... they're helping me get there a lot faster than anything would have in the old days.]

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