Friday, September 10, 2010

A bad case of fridays


Why haven't I been posting more about my short?

Well... It got a little something I will refer to as revision disease.

What is revision disease, you ask?

It's when you start out with something that has a really good spirit, but isn't quite finished. After you show it to too many people and think about it way too much... you slowly start to chip away at everything you think is bad and... it gets all splotchy and feverish and no longer resembles its former self.

Basically, you suck all of the life out of it. This happened to me... around revision #5 1/2.

By #6... well... my screenplay had Gangrene.

The only thing to do once this happens is to step away for a week or a few, let it sit and recover... and then come back to the first draft and start over with that once you feel like it isn't contagious anymore.

So that's what I've been doing. I've been staying away from it and instead I have been throwing myself into grad school apps.

And right now I have a bad case of Fridays- not focusing on writing anything, not focusing on editing photos, not focusing on editing videos-- but instead, focusing on skipping around the internet at a previously unheard of pace.

In case you're curious... here's what I've been looking at--

Orangette - whose book I am reading (it made me cry at lunch today).

This amazingly rich looking video of HDR video shot with two Canon 5D Mark II cameras.

And a very early review of the Panasonic AF-100.

And... in the spirit of tangents....

 A few pictures of my Grandfather, who turned 91 this year (whew), that I took last week.

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