Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inspiration Part 1 -- Concept

It's taken me a very long time to finally come up with a short that I want to make. Desperately. Want.

See-- I've always been of the mind that you need to be in love with something you create for it to be really great [especially if you weren't necessarily going to have the money to make it right away... lets say...]. So I kept writing things and not making them because, frankly-- they weren't stories that I loved and wanted to invest my time in.

Then, finally...

Well, ... like all amazing things in life- I think inspiration comes when you lease expect it. When you aren't trying and just let yourself be open to what's around you in the world. When you sit and try and try and try... well - that never works for me.

So, one day, when I was watching "His Girl Friday" for the second night in a row and trying desperately not to think about life, work and everything-- a spark lit up in my brain that I could not ignore.

And... out of the blue... there was an idea that I loved.

"Why not make this movie about bloggers?"

So I thought about it for a few days... and then stopped. I didn't want to out-right remake "His Girl Friday." That's stupid.

But, after a few more days... it lingered. There seemed to be something there, that was akin to the spirit that I see in young people [myself, maybe?] in blogger/self-employed environments... a similar... I'm not sure... Just... something that I can feel around me on occasion.

So, I plowed forward. My first instinct was to start by inverting the male-female roles, and setting it in cafe culture instead of an office...and see where I went.

The end result is not really His Girl Friday... or anything close. I'm afraid that my general obsessions took over. But-- still--


I can not do enough to credit that lovely amazing movie [and all those who made it] with getting me to a place where I'm finally excited to make something. Hopefully - the homage won't be over powering and the idea will still seem fresh. But that will be accomplished in the production...

I hope.

And... apparently, you can watch the whole thing on Youtube. How about THAT for progress.

[On a side note. I am not nearly of the mind that every story has been told before and there are no new ideas-- I think there are always new ideas-- but I think they are also always a product of everything that's come before. I think that, especially in film, the way that you tell a story-- the space, the movement, the music, all of the things that color the film are just important as the scene, story, etc. The same story can fit in different place and say complete different things. So don't accuse me of stealing or anything.. yet.]

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