Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching Up

Hello there, empty space!

This morning, I decided to use this chilly November day to plow through my twitter favorites, which I basically use as a lame version of instapaper.

Anyhow-- I had marked about a million articles "to read later" over the past several months... and, having seriously just gone through about 75-80 articles... I'm walking away with a sense of internet writing as a mostly vapid endeavor (my own attempts included, here). Everyone poses questions, but the brevity of the 'post' format doesn't seem to give anyone enough space to answer any of them.
Maybe I'm just noticing this now because of the long series of disappointing articles that did nothing but probe at subjects without dealing with them in any seriousness... but... really, right now, I'm craving immersion in the form of a Dickens novel...

But, anyhow... in a totally hypocritcal move...

Here are a few good nugets of info/pretty cool experiences:

Above everything else today-- a great and wonderful Keynote at this year's Film Indepedent Filmmaker Forum from Lionsgate's Joe Drake

Scott Macaulay's initial thoughts about Amazon Studios over at Filmmaker Mag

Interesting interview with DSLR DP Chris Marino

A Beautiful Monet Exhibit

Collapsus-- "Annotated Narrative"
(watch the intro video)

Trying to re-invent the book with MyFry

An Interactive Documentary about highrises called "Out My Window"

Selections from this year's National Geographic Photo Contest

Amazing photos from the Atom Bomb tests in the 50s

Oh... and--general absurdity in the universe.

Meanwhile, yesterday, I watched Adam's Rib which was totally worth 2 hours of undivided attention.

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