Sunday, August 15, 2010


I like to extol the virtues of digital cameras.

Sometimes I question my own reasoning though.

If someone is "a photographer," in the great all mighty 'artistic' sense... then one should be able to take a great photo with whatever instrument they have available (see these amazing photos taken with iphones).

When I think about this and also about the limitations I feel with my old Canon G9 point and shoot-y type camera, and the results I get... I tend to think that the above is not true about me. A friend told me some of my pictures were 'obvious,' so I've been trying to find some more subtle things. But occasionally there is really low light and my camera gets all grainy regardless of what I do and  I get super frustrated. So I give up.

But I continue to practice. As I did today with a visit to the Cloisters... before I gave up, as described above.

[Also, a benefit of not being preoccupied: when I stopped taking pictures,  and started reading about the art there, I learned about the existence of Lilith... alleged to be Adam's first wife... blew. my. mind.]

Totally beautiful, regardless of my above attempts, which I didn't even really feel like touching up or correcting. These are raw..... But, anyway, you should go and see for yourself.

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