Friday, July 23, 2010

A Taste of Hammonton

When I go home, I can look forward to fresh produce, italian delicacies and most importantly things made by this woman: 

This is my Grandmother. Lucia Ezzi Curcio... and these are her amazing Pizzelle

I grew up around lots of farms and farmers markets:

With lots of produce:

And flowers:

And lots of little Italian Markets.

We like things to be delicious.


  1. hooray for seeing pics of your town for the first time

  2. I saw your mom today at the deli counter in Bagliani's- how ironic! Hope all is well, would love to catch up with you one day...

  3. Hi Lynne! Your comment was such a surprise! Thanks so much for reading-- Would love to catch up with you too. Tried to find your e-mail/facebook etc, but couldn't -- will keep looking though!

  4. great comments, Elena and beautiful pictures.

  5. I love these photo's of my adopted town, it's the real Jersey.

  6. I want to retire to Hammonton.