Sunday, February 6, 2011

India - Digital

Photos, set 2... taken with my Canon 1DMarkII--- thus, "India Digital."

These were taken all in Mumbai, mostly in Bandra West (Kishori's 'hood) and Colaba (the touristy 'hood).

If you'd like to see all 38 photos.... visit my Flickr. 

And keep your eye out for further adventures in India Analog (coming later this week)... in which we visit Chor Bazaar and take an overnight train to Amravati to see the largest mass wedding in India's history.

Evening in Bandra West 

A building in Colaba

 Kishori with Chaat, street food. 

Sunset on Marine Drive

 Souvenirs outside of the "Gateway of India" 

 Me, outside of the "Gateway of India" 

A pile of peppers on the street in Bandra 

 Around the corner from Kishori's place.

A Tailor in Bandra West 

 Birds flock around the Taj

Texting in Bandra 

Construction in Bandra

If you like what you see... there's more here!

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