Thursday, February 10, 2011

India - Analog

Final set of india pics-- taken with Holga, because I'm just that indie.

38 photos on my flickr.... enjoy.

Temple in Amravati 

Women preparing sweets for mass wedding in Amravati 

Preparing rice for mass wedding in Amravati 

Making Roti for the mass wedding 

Eggplant for the mass wedding

Prepping flowers for the mass wedding. 

Outside of Victoria Station

Gateway of India 

Choor Bazaar (The Thieves' Market)

Oranges in the Thieves' Market

I had a bit of an issue with exposure and lost one roll.... but my first time with a Holga and first time with medium format-- I think they turned out really well.

And that's it, ladies and gents, for India. See the whole collection on my flickr. 

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