Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Past, The Future ... "The Sorter"

Last week, my incredibly generous boss managed to get one of my little videos onto

I can't embed it because of music licensing rights [grrrrr music licensing] -- but you can watch it by clicking below:

The general "aesthetics" I was working with were the concept of "Library for the Future" and an 80s vibe that I got from the machine itself.

Main lessons learned were that red on black text artifacts HORRIBLY. Well, I knew this already, actually-- but thought that the image of the red laser/bar code scanner was too good a motif to pass up because of bad compression blah blah blah. So this is how the light-scanning of red letters began and ended. Anyone have thoughts on that type of situation? I sacrificed clarity/quality for what I thought was a perfect visual motif. Would you do the same?

Anyway, enjoy/let me know what you think if you haven't already.

(More videos will be coming soon.)

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